The EcoLeague is a consortium of liberal arts colleges dedicated to ecologically focused education, and to modeling sustainability through their operations and facilities.

Member colleges span the United States and offer students exchange opportunities to learn in diverse ecosystems and communities with faculty who have a wide range of disciplinary and regional expertise. These opportunities are essential for students who are preparing to live and work in a global and interconnected world.  While most consortia in the United States are grounded in geographic proximity, the EcoLeague consortium is grounded in a mission of bio-regional education for sustainability. Launched in 2003, the EcoLeague consortium is currently comprised of 6 member colleges. Learn more >>

Member Colleges

Launched in 2003, the EcoLeague consortium is comprised of six member colleges across the United States. Membership is expected to grow by one or two more colleges by 2016. Currently, Northland College is the League's coordinating body.

“I loved visiting Prescott College. All of my classes were amazing and truly inspiring. All of the people I met were incredibly interesting and friendly.”

Ella S., COA student on her exchange to Prescott College

“Making connections with people from a different part of the country was great.¬† I think this experience really challenged me to find my own way at another place and put me ahead or at least in a different position educationally than my peers.”

Caitlin S., Northland College student on her exchange to GMC