The EcoLeague is a consortium of six liberal arts colleges dedicated to environmental stewardship, social change, and educating students to build a sustainable future.

While most consortia in the United States are based on geographic proximity, the EcoLeague consortium is grounded in bio-regional, sustainability focused education. With member colleges across the United States, the EcoLeague possesses many of the advantages of a university and a small liberal arts college providing a large and talented faculty; unique, sophisticated facilities; individualized attention; and experiential learning. Through a student exchange program, students can attend any of the EcoLeague colleges while enrolled at their home college. These diverse experiences help prepare today’s college students to work and live in a rapidly changing and increasingly global world.

Our Shared Values

Colleges of the EcoLeague consortium share a commitment to learning that builds a just, peaceful, and sustainable world.  

We draw on the best traditions of the liberal arts and emphasize innovative methods of learning that are hands-on, experiential, place-based, and cross-disciplinary.  Our students and faculty engage in inquiry, practice, and action that prepare and motivate them to solve the critical problems of our times.   

We acknowledge that our institutions inhabit lands that lie within the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples who honored and stewarded these lands for millennia.  Through our educational programs, institutional reforms, and community engagement, we strive to understand and teach the histories and ongoing impact of colonialism, racism, and slavery that have shaped this continent and the world, and develop and support efforts within our campuses, communities, and globally to undo these legacies of injustice. 

We work to make our campuses and communities more inclusive, equitable, and supportive of diverse students, faculty, staff, alumni, and residents. We acknowledge and embrace responsibility for acting in ways that advance conditions for a sustainable world – respect and care for nature, universal human rights and freedoms, democratic governance, quality education for all, economic justice, intra- and intergenerational equity and peace.  

We have joined together to broaden and add value to learning for sustainability across our institutions as part of our individual and collective efforts to achieve these goals.  


Programs We Offer

Through the EcoLeague, these small liberal arts colleges leverage capacity in a variety of ways and are part of a larger community! We offer:

  • Student exchange program
  • Faculty collaborations
  • Shared courses, academic certificates, and other educational programs
  • Joint field courses

We invite you to learn more about our programs by visiting our students and faculty webpages.

Click here to request more information about any of our members, and here for EcoLeague News and Events.