The EcoLeague is a consortium of six liberal arts colleges dedicated to environmental stewardship, social change, and educating students to build a sustainable future.


While most college consortia in the U.S. are grounded in geographic proximity, the EcoLeague consortium is grounded in a mission of bio-regional education for sustainability. With member colleges across the U.S., the EcoLeague provides many of the advantages of a university – a large and talented faculty and unique, sophisticated facilities – while delivering individualized attention at small schools renowned for experiential learning. Through a student exchange program, students can attend any of the EcoLeague schools while enrolled at their home college. These diverse experiences help prepare today’s college students to work and live in a rapidly changing and increasingly global world.

EcoLeague membership is by invitation only and the institutional applicant must meet established criteria.


Programs We Offer

Through the EcoLeague, these small liberal arts colleges leverage capacity in a variety of ways and are part of a larger community! We offer:

  • Student exchange program
  • Faculty collaborations
  • Shared courses, academic certificates, and other programs
  • Joint field courses

We invite you to learn more about our programs by visiting our students and faculty webpages.

Click here to request more information about any of our members, and here for EcoLeague News and Events.