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Whether you are considering college or already enrolled at one of the EcoLeague colleges, the EcoLeague has a lot to offer! The EcoLeague is a consortium of six liberal arts colleges that are dedicated to environmental stewardship, social change and educating students to build a sustainable future. The EcoLeague gives you many resources by “combining” faculty, staff and amazing facilities to offer you a wider selection of studies and a broad array of learning environments. Take a look at our programs below and check back from time to time to learn about new offerings!

Student Exchange Program


Attend another EcoLeague college to take courses not offered at your home college, do research with other faculty, meet new colleagues and explore a new ecosystem and culture. On an EcoLeague exchange, you receive the benefit of a rich array of educational resources while still enjoying a small school environment, small classes, and hands-on learning. Exchanges are open to students who are enrolled in any academic area. Credits earned at the host college are transferred back to your home college.

EcoLeague exchange students pay tuition to their home college and, if eligible, receive financial aid from their home college during their exchanges as they would if they were attending their home college. This means that financial aid packages remain intact and can be used toward your EcoLeague exchange. Room and board plus any additional student fees are paid to the host college.

"Having tuition matched between schools was a big deal actually. That made it really nice not having to worry about having to take out extra money for loans just to do the exchange."

Nathan L., Northland College student on his exchange to APU

GIS at College Farm

Curriculum Offerings & Access to Facilities

The EcoLeague member colleges offer you classes in just about every program and/or major you can imagine. Through the EcoLeague, you can take classes you need for your major and/or take classes that spark your curiosity. Check out the course listings at the colleges.

You’ll also be able to utilize some amazing facilities, including Alaska Pacific University’s Nordic Ski Center, College of the Atlantic’s Island Research Center, Dickinson College’s Center for Sustainability Education, Northland College’s Native American & Indigenous Culture Center and Prescott College’s Kino Bay Research Center.


Global Study Abroad

Interested in studying abroad to explore cultures and environments around the world? Through the EcoLeague, you have access to many global programs.

Across the EcoLeague, study abroad programs are available in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru; Costa Rica, Mexico and other Latin American countries; Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain and The United Kingdom; Israel; China, Japan and South Korea; Australia; New Zealand; Russia; Cameroon, Egypt, Kenya and South Africa.

Learn more by visiting the colleges’ websites directly.

Joint Field Courses


Field courses provide a rich place-based educational experience where you can meet other students who share your commitment and passion, and take advantage of the expertise of faculty from across the consortium. Approximately every year, faculty from two to three colleges come together to teach a joint course. A course is usually offered in the summer, but it may also be offered during the regular semester, such as Prescott College’s Grand Canyon semester course. The Humans in Place courses give students a chance to examine the relationship of people to social and natural communities in a bioregion from a variety of different perspectives. Past courses include: Natural and Cultural History of Maine’s Coastal Islands; and Natural and Cultural History Interpretation of the Apostle Islands.

Graduate School Programs

Want to be more competitive in the job market? Interested in continuing your education? While all EcoLeague colleges offer undergraduate degrees, some also offer graduate degrees.

Alaska Pacific University: MS Counseling Psychology; MS in Environmental Science; MBA in Information and Communication Technology; MBA in Strategic Leadership; MA in Arts; MA in Teaching; MBA in Business Administration; and MS in Outdoor and Environmental Education.

Prescott College: Master of Arts (Limited residency and Resident program); Master of Education (Limited residency); Master of Science in Counseling (Limited residency); and PhD program (Limited residency). Prescott offers a $1,000 scholarship to graduates of an EcoLeague college.

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