Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2021!

We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2021. For more information, contact the faculty representative at your school and the EcoLeague Coordinator at 


  • Research the six member colleges, looking specifically at what is offered in a student’s major or track, to decide which institution will best broaden one’s academic career.
  • Attend an EcoLeague Info Session at your campus. There is one scheduled in early fall (usually September) and in February at each campus. Contact your EcoLeague faculty representative to find out when the info session is happening.
  • Fill out the Request to Participate Form. This process involves getting approval from multiple departments, showing that you are in good academic and financial standing at your home college. Along with the form you need to submit a two-page essay explaining how an EcoLeague exchange to a particular college will advance your academic career. The Request to Participate Form and the essay need to be turned in to your college’s Faculty Representative by the due date given by the Faculty Rep at your institution. General due dates are below.
  • The EcoLeague Faculty Representatives will review applications, and send out acceptance notices via email. If a student is accepted for an EcoLeague exchange by their home institution, they are also accepted by the host institution, unless there is a special program at the host institution that requires additional screening (such as study abroad programs).
  • Paperwork – The EcoLeague Program Coordinator will email accepted students a list of forms to complete, including one for registering for classes. The deadline for this second round of paperwork is typically one week before registration opens at the host college.
  • Course selection – learn how to find each college’s course catalog and course schedule here. Know registration dates and the differences in academic calendars. While waiting for the updated course schedules to be published, it is a good idea to look at the course schedule from the previous year to get a sense of what classes might be offered that semester or term. A student needs to set up a time to meet with their adviser to go over exchange coursework and get approval.
  • Reserve room & board – The Coordinator will send students contact information for the host college’s Residential Life.
  • Arrange travel
  • Have a great exchange
  • Provide feedback through a survey sent at the end of the exchange

Important Forms & Documents: 

Exchange Request to Participate Form
Course Catalogs and Schedules
Academic Calendar Map