Sustainable Agricultural Design Internships

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Fundación Runa

Ecuador and Peru

Experience Type:
Position Available: Fall Term, Winter Term, May Term, Summer, Year Round, Flexible
Hourly Rate or Pay Range: Unpaid Internship. Cost: 8 weeks room and program fees: $1600, 10 weeks room and program fees: $2000. Does not include food or transportation.
Application Deadline: June 1, 2017

Agriculture is vital to life in the communities surrounding Tarapoto, Peru. The new Rios Nete Research and Healing Center plans to establish an integrated agroforestry system in order to grow native plants to supply the clinic with organic food and medicinal plants. Sustainable agriculture interns will be vital in compiling information on what environmental conditions these plants need to grow. After analyzing results from field data, interns will work with our team to plan and design the agricultural component of the Rios Nete Healing Center. The interns will assist with the selection of species, collection of seeds, and planting and maintenance of agricultural and medicinal crops within our nursery and agroforestry plot, as well as the development of kitchen and botanical gardens.

Project Objectives

Create a sustainable agricultural system that utilizes properties of agroforestry systems as found in the local ecology of the region

Design and implement a plan for collecting and germinating seeds, as well as cultivating young plants

Help to plan and execute improvements and the expansion of the Rios Nete indigenous plants nursery

Responsibilities and Qualifications

Intern Duties

Work with the agricultural team to design the propagation plan and nursery expansion

Identify species, collect seeds, propagate plants, and establish kitchen and medicinal plant gardens

Utilize agricultural best practices in organic farming and permaculture techniques

Submit a proposal outlining the design plans and anticipated production and present the results to Runa and Rios Nete management and key stakeholders


Graduate and undergraduate students in sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, tropical agriculture, horticulture, and related fields. Preference will be given to candidates with experience working in rural agricultural settings, especially in Spanish speaking environments. Spanish is not required, though some additional translation costs may apply if a translator is needed to carry out certain field activities.


Fall Internship:

October 1st – November 26th 2016

Winter Internship:

January 7th – March 4th 2017

Spring Internship:

March 11th – May 13th 2017

Summer Internship:

June 17th – August 26th 2017

Dates can be flexible according to interns’ needs.

Organization Details

Fundación Runa Ecuador and Peru Ecuador and Peru Website

Number of Position Openings: 4

How to Apply

Please send the following directly to our Program Manager at [email protected]

1. A simple resume

2. Letter of intent (including which project you are applying for and why you want to intern)

3. Two references (email addresses are OK)

If you are interested in working with us or have any questions about the internship program please send an email directly to [email protected]

Application Deadline: June 1, 2017 Apply Online

Contact: Program Manager