Dickinson College


Dickinson College is a four-year residential liberal-arts college located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. While the town and its surrounding countryside are New England in nature, the large cities of Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York are just a couple of hours away. Chartered in 1783 just days after the conclusion of the American Revolution, Dickinson was established to provide a different kind of liberal-arts education; one that is rigorously rooted in the traditional liberal arts and is also ultimately useful. The college includes a 50-acre farm, the Center for Sustainability Education, the Center for Global Education, the Community Studies Center and various athletic facilities. Over 2,000 students from 40+ U.S. states and 40+ foreign countries are encouraged to be actively engaged with the wider world and challenged to think differently and act boldly.

Dickinson offers students a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree in 22 disciplinary majors and 20 interdisciplinary majors, including 13 language programs. Additionally, more than 50% of students study abroad. Students are encouraged to get involved in 100+ student-run clubs and activities, including varsity, club and intramural sports; music and drama; publications; fraternities and sororities; and religious, political, special-interest and community-service organizations. All divisions of Dickinson College offer students pathways to civic engagement, such as service learning, community-based research and independent applied research. Dickinsonians are encouraged to develop intellectual independence and a passion for learning, and to explore how they can make a difference in their communities in informed, thoughtful and sustainable ways.

Why EcoLeague? “Dickinson views sustainability as a vital dimension of any liberal arts education. We see our campus as a living laboratory for sustainability education. Through the EcoLeague, our faculty and students can extend that concept to a range of different ecoregions, and join in learning with peers at partner colleges that share our commitment to sustainability education.” – Interim President Neil Weissman, Dickinson College 


Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Student/Faculty Ratio



Over 40 programs, including Africana Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Art History, Astronomy, Biology, Earth Sciences, East Asian Studies, Economics, Environmental Studies/Science, History, International Business & Management, Law & Policy, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Women’s & Gender Studies, to name a few.


A fall semester and spring semester, each 16-weeks in length


  • Center for Sustainability Education (4 staff and 12 student interns)
  • 5 LEED gold-certified buildings
  • 50-acre USDA-certified organic and Food Alliance-certified working College Farm
  • Sustainability designated courses offered across the curriculum
  • Student-led composting and biodiesel production programs
  • On-campus bicycle-co operative, The Handlebar
  • Center for Sustainable Living residence, The Treehouse
  • Solar panels on multiple buildings
  • Baird Fellows Honors Program for Sustainability



  • Archaeology laboratories
  • Athletic center, training facility and sports fields
  • Greenhouse for teaching and research
  • Center for Sustainability Education
  • Center for Global Study & Engagement
  • Community Studies Center
  • 38 study-abroad programs in 25 countries on 6 continents
  • Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) – assists community members in watershed assessment, protection and restoration activities
  • The Idea Fund – supports student innovators to implement social and environmental projects
  • Athletic center, training facility and sports fields
  • Archaeology dig simulator